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What is SOURCE?

SOURCE is a St. Edward's-specific symposium where undergraduates present their original research and creative work.

Every year St. Edward's University hosts SOURCE to give outstanding student researchers and artists a chance to showcase their most insightful and impressive work. SOURCE is a one-day symposium that combines student presentations in panel sessions and student posters. Members of the St. Edward's community, including faculty, staff, students, and guests will come to see what knowledge and insights students like you are creating.

Presentations and posters span the fields studied at St. Edward's, from Biology to Theater Arts and Psychology to English Writing. If you want a sense of what kinds of projects have ben showcased in past years, feel free to browse programs from past years.

Types of presentations

If you are a student participating in SOURCE, you are invited to showcase your original research or artistic works through either a formal presentation or a poster. Students who participate generally present their scholarship or creative work as:

  • Presentation of a formal paper
    You read aloud a formal paper that describes your original research or recites a literary composition.

  • Extemporaneous presentation of a topicĀ 
    You give an engaging presentation of a topic that you carefully prepare but that does not involve directly reading a paper. You may use PowerPoint or slides to provide images, graphs or charts relevant to the topic or to provide an outline of the presentation.

  • Presentation of a creative endeavor
    You share with SOURCE participants your creative composition. For example, you may perform a play, or read original poetry.

  • Poster session
    You also have the choice to present your work in the form of a poster. You will put together a display of your work on a tri-fold display board. The poster will be on display throughout SOURCE and you will be assigned a set period where you can explain the work to those wandering by.

Whatever format you undertake for SOURCE, the presentation, composition, artistic endeavor or poster board should be polished for the Symposium and shared in a manner that befits a professional environment.