SEO Do’s and Don’t

First off, what is SEO and why is everyone concerned with it? Well SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It simply refers to your order of listing on search engine websites, i.e. google or yahoo. Obviously, we all want to be #1. But that is not always attainable. Here are some quick and easy ways to increase your SEO.

1. Tags and Keywords

When using wordpress, it is easy to tag your blog posts. Simply scroll down on your Add New Post page to the tag box and go to work. Be as specific as possible. As Soci@l Jumpstart states so eloquently, a search for dogs will yield you over 1 million hits. Be more specific. Are you working with puppies? If so, what kind? (get the point?)

Also, use the same words throughout blog post to create keywords. Hell, it’d be GREAT if your url had one of these keywords in it as well…but if not, repetitive use of key concepts and words will suffice.

Soci@l Jumpstart lists these examples:

PuppyTrainingMyTown(dot)com as your URL, 5 Great Puppy Training Tips as a headline / title, Enjoying your new puppy in My Town as a header and several references / repeats of the keywords in the copy. Add a photo to your post and be sure to give it <alt> text data and rename the photo file (the standard “DSC001234.jpeg” is worthless – try “puppy park in My Town”)

specific information=greater SEO

2. ALT your photos

I never thought this was beneficial. I always wondered why it would even matter if I used alternate text for my pictures. Soci@l Jumpstart says it does. It may not seem important to us, but to Google it is.

3. Blog. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Blog and blog some more. It is probably one of the most simple ways to get your name out there. Create clear, informative, and interesting content and people will come.


Facebook Timeline

“I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE Facebook Timeline”. Yea, I can remember saying that. Just like everyone else, it pisses me off when Facebook decides to launch new versions in short periods of time. Just as I get used to one, they switch the game up on me and create a new and “improved” Facebook.

Timeline made me eat my words. It is truly a remarkable social platform. It actually allows its users to document their entire lives by posting pictures, comments, and tagging all those involved.

It’s greatness is not limited to social communication. Businesses can find great use with it, too. A company can now tell its story in an interactive environment. Customers and fans can see what has happened via photo or video, like the event, or offer suggestions by commenting on the event.

PR Daily News Feed added an interesting article discussing how Timeline will eventually revolutionize brand pages. (In my personal opinion, brand pages will never be the same. They will be better.)

Like anything else posted to the internet, aesthetics are important. The timeline should use color and pictures appropriately tailored to your business. Also, never forget the importance of communication. Facebook is not like advertising: one-way message. It is interactive. If you create a brand page to boost your image, don’t tarnish it by ignoring your audience. Involve them! I can promise you one thing, a positive experience (documented on Timeline of course) will lead to a thousand more positive remarks…all because of word of mouth. Don’t under-estimate its power. Do your social networking right and gain loyal fans for a lifetime.