It’s true not all social platforms work for every audience. Yet still, I find it hard to believe one shouldn’t at least have a presence on each one. You never know who is listening in…

Thus, your presence results in your power over your competition. It can enhance SEO, provide new and different experiences to your audiences, and keep your company in the “know” of technology.

Plus you can use your other platforms to promote your websites or other profiles. Take the PR Daily News Feed article regarding Lowe’s. The company was able to boost its Pinterest followers by 30% through promotions on Facebook.

As I have argued in the past, it is not a good idea to link/synch up websites to have the same information. It is important they possess the same look and feel. But, again, each social media platform is and should be used differently. However, use your other platforms to get your audience aware of what’s going on in your business. Let them know you have branched out and created a Pinterest, or Instagram account. This can expand company or brand loyalty, as well as drive larger audiences.

Not sure which social platforms to use? Or is your company on a budget? No worries. Check out some of these (mostly) free social media tools for brands. I am obviously a fan of WordPress already. But, I have recently tried to compile all of my social media into Check out and too, in order to decide which dashboard you prefer. These websites allow you to manage your presence on all of your social platforms in one place. (Definitely comes in handy if you are crunched for time, or are looking to share a similar message across all platforms).

So what’s the main lesson of today? Your social media presence=POWER! Get out and get exploring. Who knows what platform can help build your company.