Al Sommers, founder and CEO of Al Sommers Public Relations/Marketing firm, shared with me the brilliance that is Chris Brogan’s blog. Chris Brogan has selected a few important aspects to consider when thinking about social media etiquette. One that I found most important is: Appearance. His post reveals these important reminders:

  • Your avatar picture shouldn’t be a logo. We don’t meet logos at parties, do we? You can include a logo, but make it you.
  • Unless you’re a fictional character, more often than not, your avatar should be you. Amazing Simpson-like renditions of you are interesting for about four hours.
  • Your Facebook profile pic can be not you, but it often means that others might not accept your friend request. It feels creepy friending a four year old kid (avatar).
  • Your picture can be you from 10 or 15 years ago, but that first face to face meeting is going to be jarring.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of work to take a decent pic. Why use those “me cut out from posing with someone while I have red eyes” photos?

He is exactly right. But let’s take this a step even further.

Let’s view this from a company/organization viewpoint. Everything from the font you select, the colors and images used, and even the layout say something about your company. Think about what branding message you are trying to convey to your audience, and what that message looks like.

Also, think about while you are on twitter and a picture of an egg asks you to follows you. What do we do next? Yep, we all do it…SPAM! Be personal. Be real. Be genuine. I think a company logo totally suffices for a company Twitter/Facebook page.

When it comes to appearance, just keep it simple. Brand it. And just be real.