Optimizing your Social Media Presence Workshop

My colleagues (Jane Marie Agnew, Danny De Los Santos, and Rachel Stubblefield) and I have created an educational workshop which is geared towards teaching everyday people, nonprofits, and companies how to use social media.

We want to teach people how to target their audience, creating attainable marketing plans, explain which measurement tools to use and how, and explain the best practices of social media (specifically involving Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs).

For information on where and when the workshop is scheduled, please see theĀ workshopflyer. We would love to have everyone come and share in this learning experience with us. If you find yourself not available to be physically present, look for us to create a Google+ hangout (it is still in the works so don’t quote me just yet).

See you there!

Pinterest as new visual bookmarking tool

In my #COMM3309 Social Media for PR course I learned about Delicious and Diigo. These sites are called social bookmarking sites. My classmates and I were required to utilize one of these sites to create a Personal Learning Network. Instead, however, we found we really liked using Pinterest!

Why? Because of the visual nature that Pinterest functions on. It also makes categorizing information simpler, as you can pin to any given name of a board you create. Plus, all you have to do is click follow to be instantly connect with other social media enthusiasts.

So now why is this an important concept for marketers to understand? Well, in an article written by socialmediatoday, it is important for companies to see how their consumers are categorizing their products. For instance, I may post a picture of a Coca Cola bottle on my board titled: yum. The Coca Cola company should be weary of how the public views their product and how they are sharing their thoughts/opinions.

Also, socialmediatoday discusses the overwhelming production of infographics on Pinterest. This is primarily due to the visual structuring of Pinterest, but also because of the growing popularity of producing inforgraphics to present data in a visually entertaining fashion. The article compares the inforgraphic sharing to that of sharing and trading baseball cards.

In fact, I especially like using Pinterest for my PLN because of the infographics. I LOVE how infogrpahics can take a plethora of information and present it in a shortened fashion, making it easier for me to process and even share with others. Pinterest has also connected me with other social media enthusiasts, and even provided me access to other social media bloggers.

Will Pinterest replace Diigo and Delicious as the next big social bookmarking site? It’s too early to tell. But one thing is certain, these platforms will have to adopt a more visually driven design to keep up with the competition.


It’s true not all social platforms work for every audience. Yet still, I find it hard to believe one shouldn’t at least have a presence on each one. You never know who is listening in…

Thus, your presence results in your power over your competition. It can enhance SEO, provide new and different experiences to your audiences, and keep your company in the “know” of technology.

Plus you can use your other platforms to promote your websites or other profiles. Take the PR Daily News Feed article regarding Lowe’s. The company was able to boost its Pinterest followers by 30% through promotions on Facebook.

As I have argued in the past, it is not a good idea to link/synch up websites to have the same information. It is important they possess the same look and feel. But, again, each social media platform is and should be used differently. However, use your other platforms to get your audience aware of what’s going on in your business. Let them know you have branched out and created a Pinterest, or Instagram account. This can expand company or brand loyalty, as well as drive larger audiences.

Not sure which social platforms to use? Or is your company on a budget? No worries. Check out some of these (mostly) free social media tools for brands. I am obviously a fan of WordPress already. But, I have recently tried to compile all of my social media into HootSuite.com. Check out TweetDeck.com and SproutSocial.com too, in order to decide which dashboard you prefer. These websites allow you to manage your presence on all of your social platforms in one place. (Definitely comes in handy if you are crunched for time, or are looking to share a similar message across all platforms).

So what’s the main lesson of today? Your social media presence=POWER! Get out and get exploring. Who knows what platform can help build your company.