“are you getting paid to tweet about this concert” –@kevinbrolan

Sadly, no. I was not getting paid to tweet about the #clubparadise concert @erwincenter with @drake. My Social Media class was assigned a live-tweeting assignment and it was required for me to encourage others to get involved with the commentary, and be a part of the #yoloatx experience.

I knew I was tweeting some. Ok I knew I was tweeting a lot. FINE, I knew I was tweeting too dang much! But there was so much information out there (regarding who was opening) that I felt it necessary to fill in the public. How could I have disused each opening act without tweeting each individual one?

Simple: Use twitter handles of performers and put them in chronological order of performances. Perhaps if I had planned better, I would not have blown up the twitter world with my Drake commentary…and saved my friends the hassle of scrolling through my 20th post.

In other words, I learned tonight that you need to establish what you are primarily going to be tweeting about. Maybe a popular catch phrase? Maybe certain songs? Maybe something cool and unusual? Who knows. But tonight I learned you must draw the line somewhere.

ALSO, @drake gave me a shout out! Again, I’ve posted it about 19327483 times all over my social media platforms. It was the greatest moment of the night.

And for all that, I’m sorry twitter followers. Thanks for your patience.