Screen Elements Mac Excel 2011

The image below should help you understand the main parts of the Microsoft Excel 2011 (Macintosh OS X). The window elements are as follows: 1) Menu Bar 2) Standard Menu 3) Ribbon 4) Formula Bar 5) Sheet 6) Status Bar

Mac Excel 2011 Screen Elements

In Mac Excel 2011 a few features have been added to the window elements like the Ribbon, which includes the features from the Menu bar  in a tabbed form. The Ribbon is very similar to Windows Excel 2010.


A toolbar is a series of buttons and menus in an application which allow the user to perform functions quickly using the mouse. Toolbars allow you to work with frequently used commands. You can easily customize toolbars by adding and removing buttons, hiding or displaying toolbars, and moving toolbars. The Toolbars that are most often used are displayed at the top of the window.

2011 Mac Excel Standard Toolbar

2011 Standard Toolbar

The standard toolbar other than the most common commands has added the Formula button as well as the formula builder. The formula button opens the formula toolbar, and the formula builder opens the builder box.

2011 Formula Builder

Mac Excel 2011 Formatting Toolbar

2011 Formatting Toolbar

The Formatting Toolbar displays the current Style, Font and Text Formatting. The formating toolbar does not appear by default to open it go to View, Toolbars, and select Formatting toolbar.

Hide and Display Toolbars

  • In Excel 2011 (Mac OS) click on the View menu and select Toolbars.
  • Select the Toolbars you wish to display or hide.

2011 Hide and Display Toolbars


The Ribbon replaces menus, toolbars, and most of the task panes that were found on previous versions of Excel. The Ribbon is located at the top of the document window and consists of tabs that are organized by tasks. Each tab is organized into groups, or subtasks, such as the Font or Alignment group located on the Home tab. Each button within a group is called a command button, as shown below.

2011 Excel Ribbon

The Ribbon is made up of tabs for all functions in Excel. The Home tab is the tab that is used the most in Excel it contains the most common commands. The Ribbon also includes the Formula tab and the Table tab which helps create formulas and charts. The Ribbon is very user friendly because it is more visual, but Excel also offers the option to hide it.

Display and Hide Ribbon

  • To Hide the Ribbon, click on the View menu and click next to the Ribbon if its checkmarked.
  • In Excel 2011, to minimize the Ribbon double-click the Home tab.
  • You can also click on the down arrow as shown below.

2011 View Ribbon


2011 Hide Ribbon

Formula Bar

In addition to the Standard toolbars and Ribbon Excel also has a Formula Bar. The Formula Bar is located above of the workbook window and allows you to enter or edit values or formulas in cells or charts. The Formula Bar also displays the value or formula used in the active cell.

2011 Formula Bar