Section 11 - Using the Paragraph Dialog Box

You can make paragraph changes to a document through the Paragraph dialog box. The diagram below explains how to indent, justify, and set line spacing for a paragraph in Word (Windows OS), and Word (MAC OS X).

To make changes using the Paragraph dialog box:

  • Place the cursor in the paragraph you want to format.
  • In Word 2010, click the Home tab and click the Dialog Box Launcher  "" located on the Paragraph group.

Win Word Paragraph Dialog Box


In Mac Word 2011, click on the Format menu and select Paragraph.

paragraph dialog box


The Line and Page Breaks tab allows you to set rules for handling line breaks and page breaks, window/orphan control, (window and orphan: a window is the last line of a paragraph printed by itself at the top of a page. An orphan is the first line of a paragraph printed by itself at the bottom of a page.) turn automatic hyphenation off, and set tab stops for selected paragraphs.

Win Word Line Page Breaks